Bunnings Unilever Professional Cleaning Campaign

Establishing Professional Cleaning at Bunnings and driving in store and online sales.

The campaign employed a multi-platform strategy, leveraging Google Ads and Meta platforms (Instagram and Facebook), as indicated by the campaign plan and results slides. The team conducted detailed performance analysis through each stage of the funnel — from building brand perceptions to driving sales actions. The insights slide reveals a focus on lead quality, geographic targeting, and demographic engagement to refine the approach.


  1. Campaign Strategy Development:Crafted a comprehensive plan focusing on enhancing brand awareness and sales for Jif Bunnings, with targeted digital advertising across Google and Meta platforms.
  2. Execution and Optimization:Launched and meticulously monitored the campaign, adjusting for optimal performance through real-time analytics, with a focus on key demographics and device usage.
  3. Performance Analysis and Insight Generation:Evaluated campaign outcomes, yielding detailed performance insights, which informed best practices and strategic planning for subsequent marketing initiatives.
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Campaign Performance and Analytics Report Strategic Marketing Insights and Recommendations Optimization and Investment Strategy for Future Campaigns Best Performing Creative Assets Collection Lead Conversion and Quality Assessment Analysis

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