Deloitte Data & AI

Deloitte is a globally recognised IT consulting firm, renowned for its expertise in data and artificial intelligence solutions. With a vast network and diverse offerings, Deloitte plays a crucial role in shaping the IT consulting landscape, leveraging cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation and transformation in various sectors.


Deloitte faced the challenge of creating a dynamic and functional website that not only presents their Data and AI services effectively but also appeals to a broad spectrum of visitors, including potential hires, partners, and clients. The website needed to be informative yet engaging to effectively communicate Deloitte's expertise and opportunities in the IT consulting sector.


The development included mapping out the customer journey, creating initial design directions, and building wireframes. Continuous communication ensured the website accurately represented Deloitte and offered a human-centered experience.


Human Digital developed a CMS-coded website for Deloitte Data & AI, focusing on engaging potential hires, partners, and clients. The site showcases Deloitte's products and offers clear calls to action for partnerships and career opportunities.

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