Inugo Brand & Website

Inugo sought a website refresh to better reflect their modern and energetic brand, and collaborated with a design team to create a website that feels ambitious, direct, and aligned with their future-thinking approach.

Inugo came to us wanting a refresh for their website.

They felt that their existing site was missing the modern energy that they are bringing to their market. We worked alongside their team to explore competitor websites and other tech based markets to find what works and doesn’t in these spaces.

The old Inugo website

What we created with them is an ambitious, modern and direct website, that feels the way the company operates. Future thinking, bold and creative in the approach to both presenting information and providing access technology to their clients.

The new Inugo website

We took the visual cues built in the site to inform collateral across the board and brought some new life to the logo suite with a simplified type set and repeated motif, to demonstrate solidity and the come-and-go nature of access technology. As part of the journey, we discovered the opportunity to elevate their brand and create a new logo suite update.

The refined Inugo logo

Logo Redesign

The new Inugo iconography


To go to the live site, click the button below.

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